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Getting Ready to Speak: Creating Student-Led, Inclusive Communities

By The Practice Space | March 19, 2019

Davis High School student Matteo Nouve hardly looks nervous at all as he walks up the front of his school cafeteria to give his speech about art education. Even at the end of the program after ten other student speeches, the room is quiet and the eyes of fifty parents […]

Rethinking Leadership: Helping Youth Have a Voice

By The Practice Space | March 5, 2019

It is 3:30pm on a Tuesday, and 14 high school students have gathered together to prepare speeches for an upcoming community engagement night. It is the first time they have been invited as keynote speakers and they know it is a big deal. Chattering excitedly over pizza, they try to […]

When Feeling Awkward – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 3

By The Practice Space | March 16, 2018

Awkwardness. We all feel it at some point in our lives. Members of the podcast, Ava Remler and AnnMarie Baines, share some of their awkward moments. Lindsey Lam connects their stories with words from the experts and some awkwardness of her own. “The worst thing in the world is when […]

How We Faced the Fear – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 2

By The Practice Space | March 9, 2018

Public speaking is scary, but somehow we make it through. Two high school students, Lindsey Lam and Ava Remler, describe what they did to overcome their fear of public speaking. AnnMarie Baines, Executive Director of The Practice Space, connects their stories to broader research on communication anxiety, reminding us that […]

Speaking Up For Kids

By Practice Space | February 28, 2018

Some of the most powerful work at The Practice Space has been with parents and families, where we go out into the community and work with organizations that help parents advocate for their children’s needs. If you think public speaking is hard, try speaking about something as personal and emotional […]

Why Listening is Hard – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 1

By Practice Space | February 28, 2018

While we all have moments when we find it hard to listen to others, we may not know why. This week’s episode offers research and analysis behind the listening challenge we face every day. Two high school students, Lindsey Lam and Ava Remler, share personal stories and discuss why we […]

Public Speaking Summer Camps for Kids

By Practice Space | February 27, 2018

  Summer is the best time to work on public speaking. In the summer, it is not only easier to focus on a specific skill but we are allowed to have fun in the process. The Practice Space summer camps attract a whole range of students, from those who already […]

Why We Created The Practice Space

By Practice Space | February 27, 2018

  Communication is how we express who we are, speak up for what we care about, and connect with others. Sometimes, we are fortunate to have access to the education we need to improve our message and a community of people who still care about us when we don’t quite […]

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