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Spring Programs at The Practice Space!

The Practice Space is kicking off our Spring programs on January 25, with after-school clubs for Youth Participants ages 8-16, and two online mini-courses for our Adult Participants! Most offerings are virtual and will be hosted via Zoom, with Middle School Speakers Club being hosted in-person*. Full-tuition scholarships for all programs are available based on […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Youth Voice Advocates Educator Cohort

Did you know that The Practice Space coaches both speakers and facilitators, including educators? Through personalized coaching and experiential workshops we provide educators opportunities to learn and practice how to facilitate youth voice in the classroom. With a focus on youth voice facilitation strategies such as debate and storytelling, we meet educators where they are […]

Youth Aloud Season 4: Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone. I’m Diana Medina, Program Director at The Practice Space. This post discusses the making of Season 4 of the Youth Aloud Podcast that was released on September 18, 2021. — Season 4 of Youth Aloud was the second season of our podcast that was created and released during the pandemic. For me as […]

Fall Public Speaking Programs at The Practice Space!

The Practice Space is kicking off our Fall programs on September 28 with online after-school clubs for youth ages 8-16, and a Public Speaking Practice Series for our adult participants! All offerings are virtual and will be hosted via Zoom. Full-tuition scholarships for all programs are available based on financial need. Learn more about the […]

Advocacy in the Eyes of a Young Person

Hello! My name is Amber, I’m an intern at The Practice Space, and today I’m going to tell a story about retaining your voice during times of your life where you are challenged, afraid, or feel unsupported. Advocacy takes two forms, and both are enabled by the other. The first is speaking out for big […]

“Indigenous in Plain Sight” by Gregg Deal

Hi! My name is Amber; I’m an intern at The Practice Space. Today, I’m going to talk about a speech that I watched this past year while learning about the connections between indigenous identity, art, expression, and sovereignty. I am going to recount the speech, explaining the speaker’s message and technique and how he is […]

Happy National Nonprofit Day from The Practice Space!

Happy National Nonprofit day! National nonprofit day is dedicated to recognizing the goals and positive impacts nonprofits have on communities and the world. As a newer nonprofit organization, The Practice Space believes in building steady and ongoing connections to our community. To help us celebrate national nonprofit day, here are a few ways that we […]

The Inaugural Youth Voice Advocates Educator Cohort

Eduardo came to his coaching session excited to share what had happened that week as his students took the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC), the required state test for multilingual learners whose primary language is a language other than English. Students had been anxious leading up to the test so everyone was happily […]

Young Leader on a Mission to Demystify Our World

Expressive Leader and guest blogger Siddarth Maddhula aims to educate others about important issues that are often overlooked in the classroom in his podcast, Demyst. Siddarth was inspired by his experiences in school, including his desire to dissect complex global topics and the feeling that his education was lacking in certain life skills. He hopes […]

Exploring Some of the Pros and Cons of Public Speaking Culture

Hi! I’m Amber, an intern at The Practice Space. I’m here to talk about my experience as a public speaker and some of the things I love about the world of speech and debate and some of the practices I think should be discarded.  Keep: the fun! I think public speaking tends to get very […]

These Two Youth Advocates Bring a Voice To Their Community

Guest bloggers Aishvari and Jazmin, participants in The Practice Space’s Expressive Leaders program, document their journey to learn about homelessness in the Bay Area and urge you to contribute! They explain the need in the community to support the voices of homeless people and to stand up against people who are unsupportive or unempathetic. While […]

Equity is an Environment

The pandemic brought clarity around the many disparities that exist for communities of color across sectors. For educators, the need for meaningful change to address racial injustices became clearer and clearer as they found themselves navigating barriers during distance learning. Many teachers found themselves talking to Zoom screens with cameras off. The minute learning was […]
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