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Advance educational equity through student voice and oral communication in your school or district!


Expanded Learning Programs in Title I Schools

We partner with Expanded Learning programs to lead K-12 after-school speech and debate clubs on site at schools in underserved, low-income neighborhoods. Programs operate year round, with one-hour elementary sessions twice a week and 90-minute high school sessions once a week. Students improve their public speaking skills and gain experience speaking for public audiences.

Curriculum & Presentation Tutoring for English Learners

Our year-long, project-based learning curriculum affirms the cultural identities of English Learners (ELD 3 and 4) and helps them express their unique viewpoints through debate, presentation, acting, interview practice, and podcasting. We partner with districts to provide curriculum and online coaching to high school educators. We also offer presentation tutoring services during the school day at high schools.

Summer Program Service Provider

Are you an organization that offers summer programming? We love working with school and community partners to provide K-12 summer programs focused on speech, debate, acting, and advocacy. Our teams of coaches prepare students to perform speeches and debates for a public showcase through fun practice activities!

“Who is speaking and who is silent in classrooms? Public speaking provides an inclusive space to build equity and joy for all students, particularly those who are underheard. The Practice Space is uniquely equipped to help students at any school thrive and achieve.”

--District Administrator

Students improve their public speaking skills, improve confidence, and feel safe and supported by their coaches.

Coaches, staff, and instructors report an increase in student engagement and ownership.

“Talking to other people can be very hard and not everyone gets the opportunity in their life. I’m glad I got into this program because it helps me be less socially awkward.”

- 6th grader


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