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Leaders That Listen Public Speaking Curriculum

Confidence-Building Guide


This toolkit contains guiding principles for storytelling, background reading on how storytelling can foster inclusion and equity, storytelling templates, storytelling practice activities, activity and project ideas involving stories, storytelling project planner and rubric, and how to start a podcast. Hope these resources inspire you and others to tell more stories!

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Resource 1: Confidence and the Impact of Fear on Equity


The author describes her personal perspectives on why the fear of judgment leads to the silencing of diverse perspectives.

Resource 2: Qualities of a Fearless Classroom


Post this list to remind students of what a fearless classroom looks like (or edit as norms for the home or workplace).

Resource 3: Unpacking the Fear of Public Speaking


This list includes sources of personal fear and what is needed to address those fears.

Resource 4: Theories About Facing the Fear


This article (along with a video and podcast) covers personal accounts of public speaking fears and methods for embracing them.

Resource 5: What Fear Looks Like and Sounds Like


Use this resource as a reminder for what the fear of public speaking looks like and sounds like for many people.

Resource 6: Communication Anxiety Quiz


Take this quiz to reflect on personal feelings, triggers, and situations that affect communication anxiety.

Resource 7: How to Feel Less Nervous Speaking in Public


Use this resource for coping tips for common sources of stage fright and anxiety, including fear of judgment and uncertainty.

Resource 8: How to Cope with Public Speaking Anxiety


Watch this video for quick tips to get started coping with public speaking anxiety.

Resource 9: Why Fear Prevents Students from Meeting Standards


This essay discusses how the fear of public speaking leads to inequities in students’ abilities to meet speaking and listening standards.

Resource 10: Anxieties in the Classroom: A Teacher Checklist


This checklist outlines questions to ask to reflect on the teacher’s role in helping students handle communication anxiety.

Resource 11: Four Techniques to Encourage Diverse Voices


Use these tips to create an inclusive environment where all students feel like they have something to offer.

Resource 12: 9 Ways to Lower the Stakes in Public Speaking Situations


Ease anxieties by lowering the stakes through this list of tips.

Resource 13: Embracing Social Fears and Anxieties


This essay discusses specific tips to embrace the fear of public speaking and value audience connection.

Resource 14: Four Activities to Practice Anxiety-Coping at Home


Use this resource to practice spontaneous speaking and feel comfortable speaking on the spot.

Resource 15: Day-Of Prep: How to Overcome Stage Fright


This resource lists specific actions to take on the day of a speech or performance to ease your jitters and nerves.

Resource 16: The Audience’s Burden: How Positive Community Conquers Fear


This essay discusses the audience’s role in helping people feel less anxious, including behaviors to avoid and mindsets to adopt.

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