Adult Lesson Packages

When you feel stuck or have an important speaking opportunity, we provide guidance, feedback, and coaching to help you achieve significant goals.


Common Focus Areas for Private Lessons:


Getting ready for job interviews


Preparing keynotes, panels and workplace presentations


Improving confidence and feeling less nervous about public speaking


Feeling more comfortable speaking on the spot

“I enjoyed the opportunity to practice in a real, safe, and supportive environment, with specific feedback, generosity, and encouragement.”

--Adult participant

Private Lessons Options

Looking for customized support? Work individually with a coach. We help executives prepare keynote speeches, support jobseekers to get ready for job interviews, and provide everyone with tools to deal with public speaking anxiety, speaking on the spot, and delivering clear and engaging presentations.

We work best with women leaders, early career professionals, emerging leaders of color, and new Executive Directors. You can customize your package to include all online lessons, in person lesson at our office in Richmond, CA, or a mixture of both.

Our private lesson package options includes a series of 3 to 4 one-hour lessons with a coach:

Keynote Package

Prepare a keynote speech for a high-profile event.

Job Interview Package

Get ready for job interviews through role plays. 

Speak on the Spot Package

become comfortable speaking off the top of your head.

Storytelling & Confidence Package

Tackle public speaking anxiety through storytelling. 

Presentation Package

Improve oral delivery skills and learn best practices for presentation.

A free practice event!

Get together for a "scrimmage" with other adults who are working on their public speaking skills. Our gatherings are small, low-key, and casual in our Richmond office. We'll spend some time getting to know each other, eating snacks, networking, and sharing what we are working on. It is a helpful way to get feedback, practice in a small group, and not feel so alone in your journey! Our next event will be on October 22nd -- save the date and stay tuned for the sign-up link!

What to Expect

After you register for the number of lessons you want (we recommend 3-5 lessons, but it depends on your needs), we will reach out by email to assign you a coach, schedule your lessons, and send the link and calendar information. Your first lesson will begin with a conversation about goals, followed by practice exercises and feedback. 

Want to set up a workshop at your organization?

We also offer customized workshops for corporate and nonprofit groups. We can combine executive or private coaching with group workshops, and can work with individuals to use professional development funds to cover private lessons. Visit our Partners Page.

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