Our Impact

Silence is a Problem

Our Why:

We learn to be afraid in a world full of judgment, prejudice, and discrimination. It is easy to be afraid to speak if you are the only person who looks and sounds like you. It is scary to stand out, and systems need to change to support diverse voices.

Communication is the Gateway to Leadership and Liberation

Our Change:

Developing your voice requires inclusive education in a kind, welcoming space. We help people speak in front of hundreds of people and on podcasts, secure jobs and advocate for promotions, speak up at community meetings, win competitions, start businesses, and face fears.

What our youth say:

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Oral Literacy is Key

Our Participants:

Public speaking education develops oral literacy and social and emotional learning. We help youth build confidence and pride, winning awards at state and national competitions for speech and debate. We help teachers increase academic engagement, facilitate speaking and listening, build community, and increase participation from English Language Learners and students who were previously reluctant to speak.


Organizational partners served


Participants served
Greater than


report improved confidence and communication skills satisfaction


Paid youth coaches/interns

Public Speaking is a Journey

Our Method:

With our method of Expression-Driven Teaching, our youth and adult participants go from a state of dread, self-doubt, uncertainty, and silence, to a state of excitement, intentionality, self-belief, and leadership.

What our teachers say:


Our strategic plan involves building cross-sector partnerships to create a system that better supports oral literacy, as well as increasing our reach to develop youth leadership through speech and debate programs and help educators facilitate equity through Expression-Driven Teaching.

Check out our strategic plan to elevate underrepresented voices.

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