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Two Leaders Unite to Stop Bullying

We are excited to spotlight two special bloggers, Joshua Fernandes and Sriman Jayanti who are part of The Expressive Leaders Program at The Practice Space. This post is about the project they collaborated on, a podcast called Stop Bullying Lab that raises awareness to the problems that many people have faced as a result of …

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Isabella Rossi: Youth Voice of AAPI Solidarity

I am Isabella Rossi (although most people call me Izzie), and I am a member of the El Cerrito High School Speech and Debate Team, which is a branch of The Practice Space. I wrote this speech as a Filipino American in response to the Atlanta shootings, which shook the Asian and Pacific Islander community and …

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That One Black Girl

By : Sheila McKinney Do you ever feel that wave of sadness and anger at the same time that gives you goosebumps because another life was taken? That black body laying on the pavement bleeding out because a world that they never asked to be in has no value to consider a human life. Do …

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Teach the World

By Ja’Mes Williams I simply love working for The Practice Space because the success of every student is important! Every student we encounter teaches us something new, which makes it so important that we help them grow and develop their voice. This week, we spoke with youth ages 11 to 14 on what they wanted …

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Educators Advocating for Youth Voice

The current world of online learning has elevated one concern clearer than ever before: how do we keep students engaged and get them talking in virtual classrooms? To tackle this and many other issues, we recently launched our inaugural Youth Voice Advocates Cohort.

Privileged and Still Underrepresented

When it comes to making an impact in the community, The Practice Space puts that at the center of our mission. I am Ja’Mes Williams, the new Digital Strategist at The Practice Space, and I am so happy to be a part of this team.  As a young woman who was raised in Richmond, California, …

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Finding Your Voice in Uncertain Times

This post discusses the events that took place on January 6, 2021. As a storyteller and poet the events of this day challenged me to consider how I use my voice, how I support others to use their voice, and what my role in the world should be moving forward.

Staying Connected while Social Distancing

Hello all! My name is Morgan Cutter and I recently joined the team at The Practice Space as our new AmeriCorps VISTA Member and Project Manager. With everything that has happened in 2020, this year has been one full of trials and adaptations for many of us. As we head into the holiday season, this …

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Learning from a Distance

Hello everyone! I’m Jennifer Quiroz, an intern at The Practice Space and I’m here to talk about the new world of going to school virtually. Hopefully my experience and advice will help you throughout these unforeseen times as you navigate though your e-learning.  The transition to online learning was very difficult for me. I didn’t …

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How to Get Students Comfortable Speaking in Your Virtual Classroom

There are so many challenges with teaching in a virtual classroom, especially with all the tech issues that can easily consume us. As an organization focused on building confidence and community through communication skill development, we have learned a lot in recent months about communicating online. We know that social interaction is fundamental to learning. …

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Revelations from The Courtroom

Jennifer Quiroz, intern, reflects on her experience with jury duty and its relationship with self advocacy. 7:00 AM Reads my blaring alarm telling me to get ready for jury duty – a civic obligation that I had to take on at the mere age of 18. None of my parents or friends knew what this …

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Congratulations Expressive Leaders!

  Hello everyone! It’s Cristy, your Program Advisor here at The Practice Space. I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations and celebrate our first Expressive Leaders cohort! By now I am sure you have seen lots of Expressive Leaders posts through our Facebook and Instagram, and it is a dream come true for …

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