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Learn to communicate in a clear, engaging way

We provide communication strategies, concrete techniques and coaching for people of all ages in a safe, supportive practice space

We envision a world where diverse communities of youth and adults feel capable, cared for, and free.


Communicate and Be Heard

Our students learn to communicate the best version of themselves and feel connected to others. Our approach helps people have the courage to speak up, lead, pursue goals, and participate in a variety of spaces in their everyday life. 

Connect Communities

Strong communication creates a culture in local communities where we can learn from one another, constructively challenge different viewpoints, empathize with one another, and find connections we never knew existed.

Tell Your Story

We help people clarify their message and effectively organize their content, using engaging language and rhetorical techniques to express the best version of who they are.

Face the Fear

Most people find speaking intimidating. At The Practice Space, we believe that developing strong speaking skills requires regular workouts, like going to the gym. 

We begin by helping people find their authentic voice, and then proceed with concrete strategies for making their voices compelling, clear, credible, and polished.


What is The Practice Space?


“Going to The Practice Space, in my case, allowed me to relax and to trust enough to have the courage to try new things and believe that I could achieve my goals going forward.”


“I think a lot of us are much more comfortable with public speaking generally, not only in a competitive setting, just in everyday life.”


“People don’t come to The Practice Space to stay here, people come to The Practice Space to go out into broader spaces, whether that be their home, their classrooms, their community centers, their churches, their local civic groups, their workplace, giving that presentation for the first time. That is one of the values that is upheld here at The Practice Space.”


“A lot of kids are always saying that they need to find a way to find their voice and have been talking about how they’ve been finding that through speech, through The Practice Space. It’s really nice to have a place where you can make mistakes and it’s okay for that.”

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Communication is

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