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In a world where public speaking often determines whose needs are addressed and whose values prevail, how can we create brave classroom spaces where young people can effectively express their thoughts and advocate for themselves and others? 

Amplify Student Voices introduces Expression-Driven Teaching to show how centering youth voices and expression in the classroom meets both academic and social and emotional learning goals. 

This book features extensive first-person accounts from young people whose insights inform and supplement the authors’ practical recommendations and how-tos for incorporating various forms of public speaking—storytelling, debate, poetry, presentation, and self-advocacy—into everyday instruction at all grade levels and across subject areas. 

Both informative and inspiring, Amplify Student Voices challenges traditional notions of “good” public speaking, broadens its definition, and demonstrates how to engage learners to create a world that is more inclusive and just.

The Authors

AnnMarie Baines is the daughter of a Filipino immigrant whose dedication to her community and commitment to equity led her to create The Practice Space, a Bay Area nonprofit that elevates underrepresented voices through public speaking education. Senior staff members Diana Medina, a first-generation Mexican-American, and Caitlin Healy, a white Jewish feminist, are experienced educators who advocate for people pushed to the margins by promoting healing, strength, and power in the educational experiences they design. Their work focuses on showing the many ways public speaking can be a powerful lever for equity in the classroom and beyond.


The authors (L-R): AnnMarie Baines, Caitlin Healy, Diana Medina.


Kate Schatz

NYT-bestselling author of the "Rad Women" book series and Do The Work: An Antiracist Activity Book

"Amplify Student Voices is an invaluable resource for educators, caregivers, and any adult seeking to do exactly what the title says: to amplify the voices of students, and show them that their stories, identities, and ideas matter. Practical and insightful, accessible and thorough, Amplify Student Voices offers a diverse array of strategies, exercises, and prompts to engage students and boost confidence. It's an impactful reminder of the powers of public speaking and the deep wisdom inherent in all young people."

Antero Garcia

Associate Professor, Stanford University

“Amplify Student Voices is nothing short of remarkable. In a time when youth are expected to remain docile, passive, and silent, these authors bring the voices of adolescents front and center. They take young people’s ideas and passions seriously. Rooted in the personal stories of young people and the authors, this book’s approach to designing spaces for youth voices to sing across classrooms should be required reading for administrators, teachers, parents, and even students.”

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