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The Impact of Fear on Equity

By The Practice Space | October 5, 2019

By AnnMarie Baines To be a leader, you have to feel like your voice matters and you have something of value to say and contribute to the world. Unfortunately, we live in a society where many people are taught from an early age that their voice is less important. As […]

Young Speakers Camp — Youth Aloud Podcast Bonus Episode!

By The Practice Space | June 6, 2019

Have you ever felt like it’s too early or too late to build your confidence with public speaking? At The Practice Space we believe there’s never a limit on when or who can develop these skills, which is why we offer programs and services to all ages, from young children […]

What is Our American Dream? — Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 10

By The Practice Space | June 5, 2019

As the world changes, so do our dreams for the future. In our final episode of the second season, the Youth Aloud podcast team voice their opinions about the “American Dream” in a candid group discussion. Beginning with their stories of growing up with immigrant parents, these high school students […]

Student Stress – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 9

By The Practice Space | May 29, 2019

Students are no strangers to stress and burnout. It’s hard to find the energy and willpower to do everything we should, especially when we aren’t doing what we love and are stretched too thin. This episode features high school and college student interviews and stories about how they cope with […]

Battles with Self-Image – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 8

By The Practice Space | May 22, 2019

How do we fight against societal messages that make us feel like we aren’t beautiful? In this episode, we interview teens and family members and tell our own stories about experiences with body image and how we accept who we are, despite cultural stereotypes. “It doesn’t matter what anybody else […]

Youth Voice Matters – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 7

By The Practice Space | May 9, 2019

Why do young people want to speak up? In this episode, we hear from high school students about why they think their voice matters and what stands in the way of being heard. Members of our podcast team, Lindsey Lam, Sophie Ciurlik-Rittenbaum, and Hawi Abraham, share their own stories as […]

Let’s Talk About Gender – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 6

By The Practice Space | May 3, 2019

This episode is about gender identity and people’s struggles to understand and express gender. You’ll hear from our field reporters Sophie Ciurlik-Rittenbaum and Robson Swift, who interview transgender teens about their experiences with gender expression and coming out, reflecting on how different people relate to gender. “Gender is a double […]

Who Are We? – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 5

By The Practice Space | April 12, 2019

In this week’s episode, Youth Aloud field reporters, Hawi and Sophie, ask youth to answer the question, “Who are you?” When asked this question, people tend to answer with the easily identifiable parts of ourselves, such as ethnicity or hobbies. However, when they dig deeper, Hawi and Sophie uncover much […]

How to Find Your Voice – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 4

By The Practice Space | April 9, 2019

Finding your voice is easier said than done. In this guest interview, former high school public speaker George Elsbury explains concrete tips and techniques for figuring out what to say and how to feel more confident performing in front of others. “Finding your voice is…about figuring out what to say […]

Get to Know Our Newest Team Members: Mariana and Caitlin!

By The Practice Space | April 4, 2019

We wanted to let our newest team members, Mariana and Caitlin, introduce themselves to The Practice Space community so you get to know a little more about them and what led them to this work. We hope you get to meet them both at an upcoming event! My name is […]

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