Fall Public Speaking Programs at The Practice Space!

The Practice Space is kicking off our Fall programs on September 28 with online after-school clubs for youth ages 8-16, and a Public Speaking Practice Series for our adult participants! All offerings are virtual and will be hosted via Zoom. Full-tuition scholarships for all programs are available based on financial need. Learn more about the program offerings for youth and adults and follow the links to register below:

Youth Courses

Young Speakers Club (Ages 8-10): Tuesdays (8 weeks), September 28 – November 16, 3:30pm-5:00pm PST via Zoom. Build confidence by practicing public speaking skills in our after-school club! Practice debate and speaking on the spot, along with preparing your choice of poetry, acting, storytelling, and pitches. Cost: $150, full-tuition scholarships available. Click here to register!

Middle School Speakers Club (Ages 11-14): Wednesdays (8 Weeks), September 29 – November 17, 3:30pm – 5:00pm PST via Zoom. Share your story, harness your creativity, and find your unique voice in our Middle School Speech Club! Learn the fundamentals of storytelling, debate, and speaking through creative practice exercises and participating in fun projects. Cost: $150, full-tuition scholarships available. Click here to register!

Debate Club (Ages 11-16): Tuesdays (8 weeks), September 28 – November 16, 5:00pm – 6:30pm PST via Zoom. Calling all debaters! This club is for pre-teens and teens who are interested in getting more practice with debate. Learn how to argue and feel more comfortable speaking off the top of your head. This club is open to beginners and intermediate students, so whether you already love debate or have always been curious but were too shy to debate, this club is for you! Every week, we practice debating different topics and work together with partners in a fun, supportive environment. Cost: $150, full-tuition scholarships available. Click here to register!

Adult Courses

Adult Public Speaking Practice Series Wednesdays, September 29 – November 17, 5:30pm-7:00pm PST via Zoom. Learn the prepared and spontaneous FUNdamentals in this practice series! Each week will alternate between prepared speaking and spontaneous speaking skills. For spontaneous speaking, you will focus on real-life scenarios like speaking at meetings or interviews, putting your thoughts together and staying calm without preparation. For prepared speaking, you will work on your voice, gestures, outlining, and language skills as you prepare a speech on a topic of your choice. 

You can opt into taking only one of the sessions (Prepared Speaking or Spontaneous Speaking), or you can sign up for the entire series at a discounted price. Cost: $135 for full series, $75 for Spontaneous Speaking or Prepared Speaking a la carte. Full-tuition scholarships available. Click here to register!

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