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Welcome to Youth Aloud, a youth-led podcast at The Practice Space!

The voices of young people are often underrepresented in important conversations and have valuable perspectives on issues related to education, youth identity, and current events. Since 2017, The Practice Space has brought together small groups of high school and college students to produce engaging and thoughtful content on the inner thoughts and experiences of young people. It also serves as another outlet for students to practice and present their public speaking skills!

As part of our podcast team, students learn how to produce and host episodes, conduct interviews as field reporters, promote their work on social media, and record stories on issues that they select.


Mela Seyoum, college student, co-founder of Youth Aloud podcast


Lindsey Lam, college student, co-founder of Youth Aloud podcast

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Season 1 focuses on personal stories related to public speaking, including the fear of speaking in front of others.

Check out the featured episodes below. For the full set of episodes, visit our blog.

While we all have moments when we find it hard to listen to others, we may not know why. AnnMarie Baines, Executive Director of The Practice Space, offers research and analysis behind the listening challenge we face every day. Two high school students, Lindsey Lam and Ava Remler, share personal stories and discuss why we need better listeners in today's world.

Finding your voice is easier said than done. In this guest interview, former high school public speaker George Elsbury explains concrete tips and techniques for figuring out what to say and how to feel more confident performing in front of others.

Season 2 focuses on youth identity issues, including battles with stress, questions about gender identity, and immigrant experiences.

This episode is about gender identity and people's struggles to understand and express gender. You'll hear from our field reporters Sophie Ciurlik-Rittenbaum and Robson Swift, who interview transgender teens about their experiences with gender expression and coming out, reflecting on how different people relate to gender.

As the world changes, so do our dreams for the future. In our final episode of the second season, the Youth Aloud podcast team voice their opinions about the “American Dream” in a candid group discussion. Beginning with their stories of growing up with immigrant parents, these high school students define what they see as the American Dream in the modern world and how they work to create opportunities to achieve their personal dreams for the future.

Season 3 focuses on how people use their voices to navigate the pandemic, including dealing with self-doubt and taking small steps towards self-improvement.

In light of COVID-19, we are taking a step back to reflect on what we can still do while in quarantine to express our voice and tell our stories. In this episode of Youth Aloud, we focus on the self improvements and small steps that we can take, even today. You’ll be hearing from the Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy Debate Team, and AnnMarie Baines, Founder of The Practice Space.

How do we cope when everything is suddenly different? In this episode, we explore how good communication can help us navigate differences, from trying to make sense of competing parts of ourselves to learning to listen to the experiences of others. You’ll hear stories from staff member Caitlin Healy about splitting her time between new motherhood and her identity as a community organizer, college student Lindsey Lam about working with people who speak a different language, and members of Kennedy High’s Debate Team about learning to articulate diverse opinions.

Season 4 showcases how young people tap into the power of childhood memories to engage in imaginative storytelling and contemplate new adventures.

Episode 1: Exploring Childhood Memories 

What comes to mind when you think of childhood memories and the stories we tell about them? In this episode, we explore the theme of childhood memories and what we can learn from sharing our stories. You’ll hear from the participants in our Storytelling and Podcasting Club as they share their perspectives and reflections on art, siblings, scars, and storytelling. Stories shared include: why drawing is a fun hobby, what we can learn from sibling dynamics, and a memorable first trip to the emergency room. 

Episode 2: First Time Storytellers 

Do you remember the first time you ever expressed yourself through public speaking or told a story about your life? In this episode, you will hear participants in our Young Speakers Camp do just that. For many of them, participating in this program was the first opportunity they get to practice the skills of communication and storytelling in a safe space that builds their confidence. Stories shared include: first steps taken, trying new things, being helpful, biggest fears, and learning from mistakes.

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