Corporate & Nonprofit Partners

Customize a workshop series for your organization to gain confidence with prepared and spontaneous speaking!

Do you view public speaking as a gateway to leadership and equity?

As an equitable public speaking vendor, we plug into emerging leader programs and diversity, equity, and inclusion fellowships to provide workshops on public speaking, oral communication, pitches, and speaking on the spot during meetings. We also customize workshops for teams. Partner fees support youth programs at underserved schools.

Offerings for corporate executives and teams: 

We provide customized workshops and work 1:1 with senior leaders and teams. Our sessions are interactive and practical and work well as part of professional development or leadership cohorts at small and large companies.

Offerings for nonprofit teams, youth, and leaders:

We provide customized workshops to nonprofit stakeholders, including executives, boards, and staff, as well as direct services to youth leaders in nonprofit programs. We share educational resources to support inclusive facilitation.

“Title Nine has worked with lots of executive coaches. AnnMarie Baines and The Practice Space trump them all. I now go into interviews and presentations confident that I can both engage AND persuade my audience. Every female leader, every leader, deserves the kind of coaching that The Practice Space delivers.”

--Missy Park, Founder and CEO of Title Nine

Speaking in the Workplace Package

Practice prepared speaking and spontaneous speaking for more effective communication at work.

Powerful Presentation Package

Prepare content that connects to your audience and help your team feel ready to give strong presentations.

Tell Your Story Package

Feel confident telling stories about yourself and your work to own your narrative, cope with anxiety, and represent your organization.

Speech Preparation Package

Get ready for high-profile events and develop content that weaves together story, information, and a powerful message.

Inclusive Facilitation Package

Experience a deep dive on special topics such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Universal Design for Learning, or mission and vision writing.

Custom Package

If you want to mix-and-match services or have a different need, we can work with you to create something that fits.


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