Staying Connected: Cooking is My Creative Outlet

In case you haven’t seen our earlier “Staying Connected” posts, our team at The Practice Space has shared little ways that we are expressing ourselves at home these days. It’s helped us feel more connected with you all and we really hope you’re enjoying hearing a little more from each of us. Today we hear from Caitlin about how she’s spending her time right now.

Hi everyone! I’m Caitlin, the Program Associate at The Practice Space. This new, temporary way of life, staying mostly indoors and not being able to see my family and friends has been a hard adjustment for me. I kid you not, when people ask what my biggest hobby is, I try to think of something else but always come back to, “hanging with friends and family”. Can that even be considered a hobby? Probably not. But it’s how I spend the majority of my time. So what do I do now!?

Well, mostly I’m playing with my son, doing work for The Practice Space, or taking a moment to relax in front of a favorite TV show. However, when we threw this question out there to The Practice Space community — How are you finding small ways to express yourself? — I realized I am pouring all the rest of my energy into cooking. I am expressing myself through delicious food! I have loved trying new recipes, cooking up my old “tried and trues,” as well as experimenting with what to make my son, who’s new to solids. 

Today, I made us a large batch of gluten-free coconut granola! This recipe, by Minimalist Baker, is my favorite because you don’t ever stir it, so it sticks together in large chunks which is so fun to eat. It also avoids my allergies to wheat and dairy, two ingredients that make food delicious. So when I find a recipe that will also satisfy people who don’t have those allergies I’m thrilled. I usually mix the granola with some crystalized ginger and dried blueberries once it’s cooled. Homemade granola is much more cost efficient than buying from the store and so delicious!

I have also taken the opportunity to challenge myself to use all the items I have in my pantry. It’s been fun to come up with creative new dishes! So, even though I don’t get to share all of this food with friends and family, the cooking and baking have been a great way to express my creativity. How about you, do you like to cook? What are you cooking or baking in the kitchen while “sheltering in place”? Would love to share recipes! 

We’re hoping to hear from some of you too! What has kept you occupied during this isolation? Send us a note at: admin (at) practice-space (dot) org. Or leave us a comment on InstagramFacebook or Twitter!

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