Confidence in the Classroom

Do you struggle to voice your opinions and advocate for yourself in educational settings? This package will be helpful to those who want to be able to confidently talk to teachers, students, and others at school. You will begin to understand how to challenge issues that you feel are important in the classroom.


Package Resources

Curriculum Links

Our Leaders That Listen Public Speaking Curriculum is free to our users. Use the links below to read topics relevant to this Skill Builder package:

Media Resources

This coping clip focuses on creating spaces where not only yourself, but others, feel comfortable expressing themselves and their opinions. This is especially true today, when recognizing how we can be actively anti-racist, and help a variety of people.

Private Lessons

Work one-on-one with a coach to talk through your opinions and structure your thoughts so you have practical notes and powerful language for the next time you need to advocate for yourself. 

Sliding scale of $75-$125 per lesson.

Support Group

Before our meeting, go over the resources, answer the questions from Resource 1, and using Resource 9, draft a 1-2 minute speech based on situations that you might encounter.

During the support group, you will practice saying these remarks and receive coach and peer feedback.

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