What Am I Doing With My Hands

We all know this feeling, this wandering thought that strikes us during a speech -- what am I doing with my hands? Here we learn how to use effective body language that drives our message forward during public speaking.


Package Resources

Curriculum Links

Our Leaders That Listen Public Speaking Curriculum is free to our users. Use the links below to read topics relevant to this Skill Builder package:

Media Resources

Curriculum Talk Strategy:
Practice Delivery at Home

This video discusses steps you can take to improve your delivery in your very own home!

Private Lessons

Work one-on-one with a coach to receive feedback on a practice speech, focused on how to use your face and body language to highlight and draw attention to content.

Sliding scale of $75-$125 per lesson.

Support Group

Engage with each resource and be ready to put your knowledge to the test during our support group session.

To practice, bring a short piece of text or a draft presentation to apply these skills and receive feedback on oral delivery.

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