Welcoming Our Newest Team Member Nancy!

We are so excited to have Nancy Correa join our team at The Practice Space as our Digital Strategist. We wanted Nancy to get a chance to introduce herself and can't wait for you all to meet her.


My name is Nancy Correa and I joined The Practice Space as the Digital Strategist in January, 2020. I was born and raised in the city of Long Beach, down in SoCal, and moved to the Bay Area one year ago. I was looking for non-profit organizations to get involved with in the area and came across TPS. What interested me about this organization was that as former foster youth I struggled a lot with feeling confident when speaking in public. I myself took many courses to help me find my voice. I took some improv and acting classes as an adult to face my fear of speaking in front of a crowd. Going into the media corporate industry was tough as being surrounded by strong and opinionated people can be intimidating but through good mentorship I slowly started building confidence in being able to express my opinion without feeling judged.

Today, I am excited to be joining a community where we cheer and empower one another, a space where we all understand the importance of public speaking and we all know, in many cases, minorities are the ones who unfortunately are at a disadvantage in this field because either there isn’t enough funds that support this type of programs on campus or culturally it is not a priority. I know that through The Practice Space I have found a group of individuals who are passionate about this topic and understand first-hand the difference it can make.

Aside from being a travel enthusiast and a food lover, I am the proud daughter of two hard-working Mexican immigrants and a first generation college graduate. I received my Bachelors from Cal State Long Beach back in 2013 in Spanish Translation/Interpretation. I started my professional career in a media buying company and then transition to Univision Communications Inc. I knew digital and social played a crucial role in our society today and joined the social and digital department as a Social Media Producer where I helped launched many social focused initiatives within the company. I then transferred to NorCal as the Digital Content Producer for Univision, Channel 14 News department covering stories and breaking news that affect our community throughout the Bay Area.

I also launched the social and digital platforms for Embracing Latina Leadership Alliances (ELLAS), a non-profit organization that focuses on facilitating academic and leadership opportunities for underprivileged Latina youth. As a high school student back in 2007, I attended my first ELLAS annual empowerment conference and since then I volunteered on a yearly basis. Today, I served on the board and I am the Digital and Social Media Manager for the organization. My story inspires many of the young ladies that get involved in ELLAS and I only hope to continue inspiring our future generation.

My passion for empowering underrepresented communities and giving a voice to the voiceless has led me to this extraordinary organization. I am confident that my expertise will contribute to the growing success of The Practice Space. I look forward to meeting you all!

P.S: food and hugs will always make me smile.

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease,

Nancy Correa

Digital Strategist 

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