The Practice Space COVID-19 Compilation of Community Resources

As we enter week 5 of Shelter in Place in the Bay Area, we at The Practice Space are thinking a lot about a few of the things we hold near to our hearts: connection, community and communication. Communication is not just about building skills, but how we live and stay connected. After weeks of staying home, school closures, losing work or work conditions changing, and facing the uncertainty of what the future holds, it is important to lean on what continues to keep us grounded: connection. 

Staying connected as a community will help get us through this. As people are searching for inspiration, fun activities for individuals and families, current information that supports students with distance learning or with college resources, or social and emotional support, we wanted to help make them easier to find. We’ve seen a lot of great resources put out by other organizations that we wanted to share; while we aren’t able to include everything, hopefully this provides a sense of what is out there.

As an organization focused on public speaking, voice, and communication, we specifically focused on supporting educators, parents and all community members to: 

  1. Get the internet access needed to seek high-quality information.
  2. Connect with each other and find moments of joy.
  3. Tell stories and practice using your voice.
  4. Build our capacity for self-care and support of others.

Take a look at our Google document of resources to check out examples of what is out there in our community!

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