Public Speaking Workshops

Customized workshops for a team can be a great way of practicing public speaking skills!

We offer workshops that can be tailored to fit your needs. Most workshops are two hours each, but can be combined into a half-day retreat. We design with an equity lens, creating an inclusive workshop environment and helping people speak up in situations when they have felt silenced. Customized workshops are offered to Bay Area organizations only (although they are offered online).


Tell Your Story

Participants practice narrative storytelling to describe the vision of their work, their specific role, and their personal connection to the work. Participants practice organizing their ideas to provide context about themselves and their work in a way that is compelling and easy for multiple stakeholders to understand.


Powerful Presentation

Participants refine their online and in-person presentation skills to deliver clear, organized talks with powerful language. We learn vocal technique, facial expression, movement and gestures, approaches to cope with anxiety, and techniques for adapting to different audiences. Activities also cover mic technique and preparing for panels and Q&A sessions. 


Mission to Persuade

Participants practice making persuasive arguments to urge an audience to take action. We practice spontaneous speaking with little to no preparation. This workshop covers debate and argumentation, adapting to different audiences on the spot, crafting a persuasive presentation, and advocating for positive action.

Workshops strengthen effective communication in a group by enhancing clarity, equitable leadership, empathy, and inclusion.

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Past organizations served: San Francisco Foundation, Richmond Promise, CoBiz (Richmond), Building Blocks for Kids (Richmond), Pogo Park, West Contra Costa Unified (School Community Outreach Workers Program), Firewood Marketing, San Francisco State University, GO Public Schools, Albany Library. 

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