Private Lessons

When you feel stuck or have an important speaking opportunity, we provide guidance, feedback, and coaching to help you achieve significant goals.

Lessons are held online for one-hour sessions with a public speaking coach.

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Common Focus Areas for Private Lessons:


Getting ready for job interviews


Preparing keynotes and workplace presentations


Improving confidence and feeling less nervous about public speaking


Feeling more comfortable speaking on the spot


Working on storytelling, speech writing, and/or persuasive skills

How We Support You:

Feel Comfortable

Feeling more confident as a speaker can only come with guided practice in a safe, non-judgmental setting. Our lessons are down-to-earth and we meet you where you are.

Set Goals

Together, we create a learning plan and craft an approach that prepares you to feel ready to speak. Your goals should feel meaningful for you, helping you find your voice and get “unstuck”.

Build Good Habits

Using our curriculum, we introduce you to practice drills, warm-ups, and routines that help you build strong public speaking habits. 

Clarify Ideas

Public speaking begins with a strong, clear message. We help you structure your thoughts, prepare talking points, and design a coherent flow so your audience understands your message.


Depending on your area of focus, we practice speeches, role play interview situations, or simulate panels and Q&A sessions. 


By reflecting on your progress, we build your self-awareness of your personal strengths and what process works best for you.

Throughout this process, we help make your communication…

How it Works:

We customize scheduling to fit your needs. Our most common scenarios are: regular schedule of monthly sessions, sessions every other week, or sessions scheduled immediately in advance of specific speaking engagements (or a combination of these scenarios!).

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Register for a lesson.

Our lessons are one-hour long and you pay what you can on a sliding scale of $75-$125 per hour.

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Fill out a private lesson inquiry form.

After you register, you still must fill out a private lesson inquiry form to provide context and help with scheduling. 

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A coach will contact you...

A coach will contact you to schedule an initial lesson and provide you with the Zoom link.

“I just finished up a second interview and it went really well. Regardless of the outcome, I’ve never felt more confident during an interview before. I’m feeling significantly more hopeful in my job search.” 

Edward, Adult

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