Get ready for your job interview

Job interviews are one of the most important times to relax and be yourself, but that is definitely easier said than done! Practice your responses and get feedback before you have to step into that high-stakes, nerve-wracking situation.


Package Resources

Curriculum Links

Our Leaders That Listen Public Speaking Curriculum is free to our users. Use the links below to read topics relevant to this Skill Builder package:

Coping Clip Video

“Tell Me About Yourself”

This video discusses tips for how to confidently tell your story in a job interview.

Private Lessons

Work one-on-one with a coach to craft responses to common questions and receive personalized guidance on how to express your strengths and stories. Sliding scale of $75-$125 per lesson.

Support Group

Practice telling your story and answering questions about yourself and your professional background. This is a good time to practice feeling more comfortable speaking on the spot and answering questions spontaneously. Bring notes on possible questions the interviewer(s) might ask and come prepared with ideas for answers.

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