Youth Programs

Feel confident. Be prepared. Speak effectively.


We make it comfortable and fun to express yourself, disrupt inequities, and speak up for what is important.

Our camps and clubs are designed to be a gentle introduction to public speaking in a safe, supportive team.

Youth can learn multiple styles of communication through our different types of clubs: Speech | Debate | Media | Leadership

All of our programs are open to youth ages 8-18, and youth will be placed in a “lab” that best fits their age and experience level.

Clubs are offered once every fall and spring, with age-based camps offered every summer.

Tuition assistance is available to those with financial need. Apply for a scholarship to receive a promo code. For camps and clubs that meet online, you will receive a Zoom link via email after registering. Online camps and clubs are open to anyone, regardless of where you live, but times are all California PDT time zone.

Youth Offerings

AGES 8-18


Share your voice through storytelling, persuasive and informative presentations, acting, poetry, and business pitches! We help you choose a speech format, write your speech, and deliver it confidently.

Fall 2022:

Wednesdays, 4-5:30pm PST, 9/21-11/9; sign up for Thursdays, 4-5:30pm PST for additional practice session


Younger children focus on confidence, while pre-teens and teens prepare speeches they can share for public audiences and tournaments. Beginning labs work on the basics of creating a speech performance.


Advanced labs deepen their skills to engage an audience. After registering, students are placed in a lab that engages and challenges them to build their speech skills.


Learn how to argue and feel more comfortable speaking off the top of your head! Whether you already love debate or have always been curious, this club helps you practice debating different topics and work together with partners in a fun, supportive environment.

Fall 2022:

Mondays, 4pm-5:30pm PST, 9/19-11/7; sign up for Thursdays, 4-5:30pm PST for additional practice session.


Beginning labs learn Congress Debate and write legislation on personally significant issues they argue as senators.


Advanced labs master Parliamentary Debate and prepare for practice tournaments, or “scrimmages”. After registering, students are placed in a lab that best fits their experience.


Strong leaders know how to listen and advocate for themselves and people who need it most. Every fall, you will focus on self-advocacy, how to speak up about important issues, and how to express your identity, learning the history behind injustice in America.

Fall 2022:

Tuesdays, 4:30-6pm PST, 10/4-11/8

Every spring, more experienced students can apply for our “Expressive Leaders Program” to complete a community action project, using their voices to create positive change. We also build up their skills to become a coach or a member of our Junior Board.


Do you love podcasts or making fun videos? This club helps you create, record, and produce engaging podcasts and videos on topics that interest you. Use your voice to tell stories, interview guests, share information, and bring your ideas to life!

Fall 2022:

Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm PST, 10/4-11/8


Beginning labs learn how to craft their piece, use their voice on recordings, and conduct interviews to record single episodes.


Advanced labs produce longer seasons and deepen their understanding of media production, while also identifying ways to share their work with bigger audiences.

"I have grown so much when it comes to speaking up for myself and others. Now it’s all I want to do."

--Teen participant

It takes time to develop your skills. We celebrate your milestones twice a year at our award ceremonies!

End of Fall 1
End of Spring 1
End of Fall 2
End of Spring 2
End of Fall 3
End of Spring 3

Courage Milestone

Confidence Milestone

Communication Milestone

Connection Milestone

Leadership Milestone

Mentorship Milestone

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