Debate Teams

Young people need spaces to speak passionately and persuasively about important issues, formulating opinions supported by logic and strong evidence.

Having confidence, knowledge of issues, and the ability to speak on the spot helps ensure that young voices aren’t silenced. Too often, the art of debate is only taught in well-resourced schools who have formal public speaking classes and large competitive teams.

Who We Help

  • Young people (ages 11-17) who are interested in learning how to debate
  • Teens who do not have a debate team at their school and need a way to practice
  • Teachers or students who want to start a debate team at their school
  • Parents who want to learn how to help coach or judge debate

How We Help

  • Weekend “scrimmages” to experience practice debate rounds
  • Summer debate camps for beginning and experienced debaters
  • Advising on the practical elements of starting a debate team
  • Collaborative lesson planning to teach students to start their own team
  • Partnering with teachers to lead introductory sessions on debate
  • Free resources through our Debate Guide

Bay Area Students and Teams We Have Advised or Coached:

  • El Cerrito High School (El Cerrito)
  • Kennedy High School (Richmond)
  • Richmond High School (Richmond) - Spanish program
  • Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy (Vallejo)
  • American Canyon High School (American Canyon)
  • Berkeley High School (Berkeley)
  • Quarry Lane School (San Ramon)

Middle school student describes how The Practice Space helped him create his own debate team at his school.

Contact us to inquire about support

Only available to debate teams in the SF Bay Area.

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