Youth Aloud Podcast S3E2: Embracing Sudden Difference

In this episode we’re focusing on differences and how they can both divide and unite us. You’ll be hearing from Lindsey Lam who talks about how she defines difference, and her personal experience with observing differences at school. You’ll also be hearing from Caitlin Healy, the Program Associate at the Practice Space, on how we interpret difference, as well as students from Kennedy High School’s Debate Team on the importance of hearing a variety of opinions.

“Being at college I am surrounded by difference. There are my professors with their different teaching styles, my courses and the various information I am learning from them, and the diverse people I am surrounded by. I think I experience this difference and observe it the most at my job as a Career Mentor at the Nevada Career Studio.”

-Lindsey Lam

When we think about differences, they usually have negative connotations attached to them. But Lindsey, Caitlin, and the Kennedy students highlighted the need to listen to a variety of opinions and get to know many different people. They showed us how examining and acknowledging differences can actually help bring us together, and understand ourselves better.

“So instead of getting overwhelmed by all the different and equally important causes, I am making a list of what I want right now and what’s important to me, then going from there. Maybe I will spend what little extra time I have on small acts of kindness, like making people cards and sending them through the mail, I love doing that. Whatever I choose to do, at least it will be authentically me.”

-Caitlin Healy

12: Embracing Sudden Difference

How do we cope when everything is suddenly different? In this episode, we explore how good communication can help us navigate differences, from trying to make sense of competing parts of ourselves to learning to listen to the experiences of others.

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