Two Leaders Unite to Stop Bullying

We are excited to spotlight two special bloggers, Joshua Fernandes and Sriman Jayanti who are part of The Expressive Leaders Program at The Practice Space. This post is about the project they collaborated on, a podcast called Stop Bullying Lab that raises awareness to the problems that many people have faced as a result of bullying. Read more about them and this project below! 

Hello, my name is Joshua Fernandes, I’m in 6th grade, I live in San Pablo California, my family is from Portugal and Nicaragua, I really like to draw in my free time because it makes me calm. Something that makes me an Expressive Leader is that I try to spread awareness about things that need to be fixed.

I am Sriman Jayanti, I am in 6th grade, I live in Fremont, California. I have a sister and I live with my Mom and Dad. I was born in Colorado, but I am of Indian origin. I love to yo-yo as it helps me be creative and I can mix and match different tricks. It also makes me feel powerful as I am in control of the yo-yo. I am an Expressive Leader as I take action when needed, though I do procrastinate a lot…

The issue we will be addressing is bullying.We hope that after you read this you can help spread awareness about anti-bullying. 

Our project is about trying to stop bullying in schools or online. We chose this project because we saw many people being bullied and we want to stop it. We also have bad experiences of bullying. An inspiration for our project is that when we went to school we saw many people being bullied and we want to stop it. It also seemed to happen at many other places so that inspired us. Something not a lot of people know about this issue is that bullying can hurt you in many ways, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This issue is important because many people feel bad because they are being bullied and they could also become bullies and express their anger on other people.

As part of our project we created a podcast and interviewed people about their experiences about bullying. To start this project we made a survey for people to fill out and ask them if they want to be interviewed. Next we will be making more episodes to complete our podcast. One challenge we have had is finding people to interview. One surprising thing we have learned is most of the bullying that happens to people is verbal.

As a result of this project, we hope to stop bullying and for people not to feel bad about themselves or worse, turn into bullies themselves.  What you can do to support our project is help us spread awareness about bullying and why it should stop.

To listen to our podcast, click on the links below and help us spread the word!

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