Staying Connected: Songs Keep My Spirits Up

As promised, here’s another team member’s response to our question, “What small steps are we taking to express ourselves at home?” 

Hello! I’m AnnMarie, Founder of The Practice Space. You have no idea how much I miss teaching our students, it’s like there’s this piece of myself that has nowhere else to go. To keep my spirits up, I’ve been singing a ton of old Jazz songs like this one, “Smile though your heart is breaking, smile even though it’s aching…” This song has been stuck in my head since this quarantine started, and I find it soothing to sing songs that give voice to what I’m feeling.

How about you? What songs keep your spirits up? Comment on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Or send us a clip to admin (at) practice-space (dot) org.

To learn more about this initiative, read our blog post, Staying Connected While Physically Apart!

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