Staying Connected: Reading With Amaya

What small steps are you taking to express yourself at home? How are you keeping your spirits up?

This week Cristy, our Program Advisor at The Practice Space, answers these questions, and explains why she has enjoyed her quarantine life a little more than she expected.

Becoming a mom has been the anchor I didn’t expect. In January, I became a mom to the most beautiful spark of light named Amaya.

Two weeks after Amaya was born, her father and I were separated as he was called to his military duties. I have been privileged to have my family’s help and support through postpartum but I can’t help but miss him. The moments my family and I have with Amaya are moments my husband and I dreamt of sharing. With every giggle and cackle, I feel like I’m watching these moments slip away. This quarantine has altered all of our plans and I wish he could watch her grow like I have. 

I am grateful for my time with my daughter because I know many people like my husband may not have that privilege. It has been frustrating not being able to plan and the anxiety that my loved ones may get sick has been overwhelming. Yet I know I have to also practice my strength. Not only for my husband, but for Amaya. I will continue to believe in her future and show her that her voice is powerful, one blab at a time! 

Because of the quarantine, I’ve had the privilege to absorb every moment of her infancy.  My favorite part of every day is reading out loud to Amaya. Her favorite book is Dr. Seuss’s, “Oh the places you’ll go!” I thought I would be sick of this book, but reading it to her has altered the meaning of every word. She is almost 3 months old but I promise you she is reading aloud with me. She loves the pictures and rhymes and reading helps her recognize her routine. 

The more I read, the more I see it’s helping my own enunciation and has reminded me how badly I need practice! What better way than to share the practice while enjoying my daughter? 

I speak to Amaya constantly and now I am trying to decipher every goo and ga throughout the day. Her voice carries so much weight and she isn’t even saying any words! Her coos of love or blabs of hunger remind me of the importance of being heard, being noticed, even as an infant. Although watching her complete milestones makes me sad just as much as it makes me happy, I can’t help but mark this the best year of my life.

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