Staying Connected: Finding Creativity and Calm

Hello everyone! My name is Mela and I’m an intern for the Practice Space. The past couple of weeks have been stressful and sometimes confusing between figuring out online school and finding ways to cure my boredom. More recently, I decided to restart a hobby that I had been too busy to do before.

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing and have been trying to do it more because it makes me feel creative and calm. More specifically, I really enjoy reading, writing, and memorizing poetry and I’m really excited to get back to expressing myself through writing. Let us know what you’re doing to keep yourselves occupied and entertained!

We’d love to hear from our community too! What are you doing to express yourself, be creative and stay entertained during “shelter in place”? Send us a note at: admin (at) practice-space (dot) org. Or leave us a comment on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Find out more about how we are Staying Connected While Physically Apart!

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