Share Your Voice With the World: Storytelling on The Practice Space Blog

Do you have a story you’d like to tell? Is there a particular moment, training, coaching session, summer camp or program at The Practice Space that made an impact on you that you’d like to share? Are you using your voice in new and unexpected ways? Do you want to share an experience you’ve had? If so, please consider writing it and getting your story published on The Practice Space blog! 

At The Practice Space we focus on speaking but we want to offer an additional way to share your voice — through writing. Anyone who has participated in a program here has used writing to prepare for speaking. And yet, we know that writing can feel scary in a different way. If there’s a story you want to share, don’t let that get in the way! We can help you put your ideas together.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Example Story Prompts:

  • Tell us about a time when…
    • You felt sad and someone said something that made you feel happier.
    • You wanted to get something done and procrastinated instead.
    • You felt like you couldn’t balance everything you wanted to get done.
    • You did absolutely nothing and had fun instead.
    • You comforted someone with advice.
    • You took action to help other people.
    • You felt pressured to be everything to everyone.
    • You enjoyed being by yourself.
    • You observed something that made you smile.

“The most effective and enjoyable stories to tell are the ones that come from the heart…Don’t get in your own way by thinking about how a particular memory might be too small, too insignificant, or too boring. Instead, remember stories should be a reflection of you, not what you think others want to hear.”

-Storytelling Speech Template, Storytelling Guide

For more tips on storytelling and to help you get started, check out our Storytelling Guide! A few resources you may find helpful are Getting Stories Started: For Speakers, Storytelling Cheat Sheet: Tips for Language and Delivery, and Storytelling Speech Template.

We hope to collect lots of stories to hear the unique voices of students, participants, community members, teachers and coaches of The Practice Space. Thank you!

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