Public Speaking: Executive Coaching

Leaders need to be able to inform, persuade, and inspire.

Executive coaching is offered to managers, new and emerging leaders, and senior-level executives. As a highly specialized form of private lesson, we offer job-focused, one-on-one guidance to:

  • Craft talking points
  • Polish delivery
  • Practice speaking on the spot
  • Build confidence and cope with anxiety

We specialize in working with new and emerging leaders of color, women executives, and senior-level leaders in non-profit or education-focused organizations.

This offering is available online to leaders in any location (please note that we are located in PST time zone). We customize scheduling to fit your needs. Our most common scenarios are: regular schedule of monthly sessions, sessions every other week, or sessions scheduled immediately in advance of specific speaking engagements (or a combination of these scenarios!).

Executive coaching is distinct from our regular private lessons because we focus on communication skills that people in leadership roles have to use in their professional lives, and the cost is most typically covered by an organization.


Make sure there is a fit.

Schedule a free consultation call to ask us any questions and talk through your interests and needs. Coaching is available at non-profit and corporate rates - inquire during call.


Set a foundation.

Begin with three or more one-hour online lessons to establish goals and practice narrative, informative, and persuasive techniques.


Receive follow-up advising.

Work on upcoming talks and speaking engagements, working through speech content and talking points and receiving feedback and guidance on areas of need. All content is kept confidential between student and coach.

Founder and President of Firewood Marketing describes her experience receiving executive coaching from The Practice Space to improve her public speaking skills.

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