Become an officially certified public speaker and earn “milestones” around specific public speaking skills.

Certification is a self-paced program with group check-ins, open to people of all ages.

How it Works

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    You must work on one milestone at a time, and each one costs $50 for youth and $75 for adults. Submit scholarship application for financial aid. 

    » Register for Youth Milestone
    » Register for Adult Milestone

    Note: This cost does not include the cost of additional programs you choose to take to learn and practice your skills.

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    Select Your Milestone

    Once you register, we will send you an interest form to select your milestone, along with a rubric that describes each level of the milestone and recommendations for the programs that qualify for achieving that milestone.

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    Set Goals

    Attend a goal-setting meeting and support group sessions to practice for a final event.

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    Attend “Milestone Events”

    Every 3 to 6 months, you must attend a “Milestone Event” (either in-person or online), where you demonstrate your skills and officially qualify for different milestones based on a coach’s evaluation on a rubric.

What You Get

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    For each milestone that you earn, adult students will receive an official certificate that can be shared with LinkedIn, resumes, cover letters, and employers.

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    For each milestone that you earn, youth students will receive an award and become eligible for becoming a coach/instructor in that area and teaching future youth classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A milestone represents a set of skills and character traits that are important to becoming an effective public speaker.

The registration fee covers the cost of the goal-setting meeting, customized rubric and plan, and support group sessions leading up to the final event. It does not cover the cost of the actual programs to learn the specific skill.

Yes, scholarships are available based on financial need. Apply through our scholarships application.

There are eight milestones that each have three levels. You earn the milestone at Level 2, but can receive advanced status at Level 3. Everyone progresses at different paces, so length of time varies. On average, it can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

It is important to keep practicing to keep up your skills, so milestones do expire after 2 years.

You can focus on your selected milestone through many of our different programs. When you complete your interest form, we will send you some suggested programs based on your age and interest.

You can complete the milestones in any order and the choice is completely up to you! That said, we often suggest that new speakers begin with courage or confidence, and more advanced speakers end with inclusion. We do ask that you focus on one at a time.

Milestone events are fun experiences with a friendly audience who is rooting for you! This is a chance for you to perform an example of your milestone skill to demonstrate your progress for your family and friends. We will make sure you are completely ready through the support group sessions before you participate in an event.

Unfortunately, no. We do offer an official certificate for adults and awards for youth.

Yes, you may participate. If you live too far away to attend a Milestone Event when they are held in person again, then you will need to submit a video. However, during the pandemic, all events will be held online.

The Eight Milestones

Asset 1r7-1


Embracing discomfort and fear

Focus areas: Anxiety-Coping, Spontaneous Speaking, Audience Adaptation, Situation Adaptation

Asset 2r7-2


Relating to others

Focus Areas: Storytelling, Empathy, Listening, Questioning, Authenticity, Conversation 

Asset 12r7-3


Belief in yourself

Focus areas: Self-Belief, Self-Awareness, Humility, Intentionality, Conviction

Asset 3r7-4


Communicating complex ideas

Focus areas: Speech Writing, Explanation, Research, Idea Development, Organization of Ideas, Time Management

Asset 4r7-5


Inspiring trust in your ideas

Focus areas: Logic, Research, Analysis, Awareness, Authority, Persuasion

Asset 5r7-6


Performing intentionally with body and voice

Focus areas: Preparation, Speech Fluency, Voice and Tone, Body Language, Emotion, Intentionality

Asset 6r7-7

Debate & Advocacy

Convincing others to take action

Focus areas: Debate, Persuasion, Logic, Clarity, Credibility, Passion

Asset 7r7-8


Bringing people into the conversation

Focus areas: Community-Building, Coaching, Leadership, Conversation, Facilitation, Synthesis

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