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How We Faced the Fear – Youth Aloud Podcast Episode 2

Public speaking is scary, but somehow we make it through. Two high school students, Lindsey Lam and Ava Remler, describe what they did to overcome their fear of public speaking. AnnMarie Baines, Executive Director of The Practice Space, connects their stories to broader research on communication anxiety, reminding us that we aren’t alone.

"I found [debate] was a great exercise for me to learn how much my voice mattered. Because no matter how much I feared what I would say and how it would impact how people saw me, it mattered so much more my ability to get my voice out to the people around me, and that even the worst case scenario wasn’t that bad."

-Ava Remler

As more and more Americans suffer from social anxiety, that usually begins by age thirteen, finding ways to build your confidence and communication skills becomes essential. Listen to this week's episode to hear how some youth are overcoming their fear of public speaking.

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