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Feel confident. Be prepared. Speak effectively.

We make it comfortable and fun to express yourself.

Our camps and clubs are designed to be a gentle introduction to public speaking in a safe, supportive community. In both experiences, students learn multiple styles of communication:

Storytelling | Dramatic Performance | Presentation | Debate

All clubs, classes, and camps are held online throughout COVID-19 pandemic, in California PST time zone.

Tuition assistance available based on financial need. Visit our Scholarships page to apply.


During the Summer

It’s the ideal time to become an effective, confident speaker! Our summer camps offer a fun, inclusive environment to get more comfortable expressing yourself in front of a group.

Our online camps are for youth 8-18, tailored to different ages, experience levels and communication styles.


Young Speakers Camp (online)

This one-week camp for ages 8-10 builds confidence through speeches, games, stories, and debate. Learn to speak your mind, tell your story, and listen to what others have to share. This camp helps students of all levels, whether they are shy or outgoing, and offers a gentle introduction to public speaking through play and debate. This camp is led by our Executive Director, AnnMarie Baines, with mentorship and support by experienced veteran coaches Ryan Miller and Camila Morales-Jimenez, as well as trained high school mentors. We learn through fun! June 21-25, 10am-2pm PST. Scholarship applications available.


Middle School Speech Camp (online)

Find your creative voice and build confidence through storytelling, poetry, presentation, podcasting, and improv. This one-week camp helps pre-teens and teens (ages 10-14) express themselves and find their unique voice and ends in a StorySlam and podcasting exhibition. This camp is a great option for the creative at heart, who have a lot to say and need a space to express it. We help students of all levels and focuses on storytelling, presentation, and performance. This camp is led by Diana Medina, our Program Director and a Bay Area poet, storyteller, and upcoming author (she also leads our podcast!), along with Speech National Qualifier Rosalie Zuckermann. June 21-25, 10am-2pm PST. Scholarship applications available.


Teen Debate Camp (online)

Become a debater who can argue, persuade and listen. This in-depth debate camp for ages 12-18 builds skills in argumentation, logic, and strategy through parliamentary-style debate. Beginning and experienced students have fun with debate through plenty of practice, so that you not only improve but also meet teens with similar interests and who care about the world (plus, debate becomes less scary!). Past students have gone on to win awards at prestigious tournaments during the year. The program features award-winning coaches, including Joel Jacobs, who has over 30 years of debate experience and a leader in the debate world at a national level, along with AnnMarie Baines, our Executive Director (see more at Our Team). July 12-23, 10am-2pm PST. Scholarship applications available.


Teen Speech Camp (online)

Calling all actors, advocates, and speakers! Join our speech camp for teens ages 14-18, where you put together a speech or spoken performance related to your interests. Every Tuesday for 6 weeks, we meet as a whole group to learn how to choose a speech topic, write your content or cut an excerpt from a play, and work on voice and delivery. On Thursdays, you will meet with an expert coach in a small lab group to polish your performance skills. Every student will end the summer with a 5-minute speech, presentation, poem, or monologue to perform in a showcase. This option is good for beginners as well as experienced performers and your lab will be grouped by experience. June 22-July 29, 4-5pm PST, Tues and Thurs only. Scholarship applications available.

“I feel like when I first started, I was very shy and didn't know how to express myself, but now I don't feel that way!”

- Middle School Student


During the School Year

SOLD OUT! Young Speakers Club (ages 8-10) - Spring 2021

Build confidence by practicing public speaking skills in our after-school club! Learn storytelling, debate, acting, spontaneous speaking, and informative presentation by participating in fun projects. Past clubs have taught speaking skills in the context of students creating their own businesses, setting up youth-run governments, and dealing with alien invasions. This program is geared towards students ages 8 to 11.

Thursdays (8 weeks), 1/21/2021-3/11/2021, 3pm-4:30pm PST via Zoom

Instructor: AnnMarie Baines (Executive Director)

SOLD OUT! Storytelling and Podcasting Club (ages 11-14) - Spring 2021

Have something to share with the world? Share your story, harness your creativity, and find your unique voice in our Storytelling and Podcasting Club! Learn the fundamentals of storytelling and podcasting through creative exercises, games, participating in fun projects, and learning from guest speakers who podcast and tell stories everyday. This program is geared toward students ages 11-14.

Wednesdays (8 weeks), 1/20/2021-3/10/2021, 3pm-4:30pm PST via Zoom

Instructor: Diana Medina (Program Director)

SOLD OUT! Debate Club (ages 11-16) - Spring 2021

Calling all debaters! This club is for pre-teens and teens who are interested in getting more practice with debate. Learn how to argue and feel more comfortable speaking off the top of your head. This club is open to beginners and intermediate students, so whether you already love debate or have always been curious but were too shy to debate, this club is for you! Every week, we practice debating different topics and work together with partners in a fun, supportive environment.

Thursdays (8 weeks), 1/21/2021-3/11/2021, 4:30pm-6pm PST via Zoom

Instructor: AnnMarie Baines (Executive Director)

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