Storytelling Guide Category: Activity Ideas

Resource 7: Story Warm-Ups

These 10 warm-up activities can be used as fun ways to practice storytelling in only 8-15 minutes.

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Resource 13: Small Steps for Educators: Using Storytelling in Schools

This resource provides a list of ideas for incorporating storytelling practice into classrooms and schools.

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Resource 14: Activity Examples: Facing the Fear Podcasts and StorySlams

Incorporate storytelling into short assignments by using these two standards-based examples (which include a rubric and ballot).

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Resource 15: Class Project: “Me As a Speaker” Identity Performance

This resource provides an example of a longer 2-3 week class project showcasing student identity through storytelling.

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Resource 17: Community Change Idea: Youth Voice Podcast

This extensive checklist outlines what is required to start a podcast.

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