Advocacy Guide: Activity Ideas

Resource 12: Advocacy Skill Drills

This resource describes four skill areas to practice, including example drills to become comfortable advocating on the spot.

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Resource 13: Small Steps for Educators: Advocacy in the Classroom

Incorporate advocacy into daily instruction through these ideas for class routines, school programs, and practice for real-world situations.

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Resource 14: Activity Examples: Advocacy Simulations

Use simulations to explore real-world advocacy, such as IEP role plays, school board meetings, and documentaries.

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Resource 15: Class Project: “We Care” Group Advocacy Presentations Assignment Sheet

This resource provides an example of a longer 2-3 week group project to advocate for those in need.

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Resource 17: Community Change Idea: Youth Councils and Leadership Programs

Create or improve youth councils so they focus on meaningful school change (including an example survey to determine focus).

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